Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mike Costley Is Back and Singing Better than Ever!

Mike Costley

Sal Frisaura, Mike Costley, Chuck Buffamonte, Larry Holloway and David Ring

David Ring

Check Buffamonte

Larry Holloway

Sal Frisaura

To the delight of everyone in the Valley, Mike Costley is back performing.  Mike retired two years ago and  has been very much out of sight.  However, Mike is back with a vengeance, singing and performing better than ever.  He has put together a terrific show that just explodes with excitement.  Even before Mike entered the stage, I could feel electricity in the capacity audience, and I knew I was going to experience something really special.  From the first note Mike sang until the end of the first set, one hour and fifty minutes later, the Purple Room was on fire.  Mike Costley has vocal talents that few singers could ever dream of reaching.  His octave range is unbelievable, and he has one of the strongest voices I have ever heard.  And what makes him really special is Mike is sensationally good singing songs from every genre of music from the sweetest ballads, swing, R & B, Jazz and even hip hop.  Few singers I have heard have this ability to ease from one school of music to another.  Mike has a wonderful ability to scat Jazz songs that would certainly impress  Ella.

There are lots of entertainers that I think are good but good does not come close to describe the show that Mike put on; he is in a class of his own.  It's not only his marvelous singing that sets Mike apart from others, he does vocal impersonations, jokes with the audience and has the stage presence only major stars have.  The Mike Costley show must be experienced by anyone who loves being entertained by great singing. 

Mike has selected four of the best Valley musicians to support him on stage.  His long-time friend, Chuck Buffamonte is on Guitar, David Ring is on Keyboard and he also controls the arrangements, Larry Holloway is on Electric Bass and Sal Frisaura is on Drums.  This group could star on their own but this show is all about Mike Costley.  My only regret is I can't put into words how terrific Mike's performance was tonight!

The Mike Costley show plays every Thursday at the Purple Room starting at 7:00pm.  I also need to tell you that the food at the Purple Room is outstanding and the prices are reasonable.  And no cover good is that! 

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