Thursday, January 15, 2015

CD Review: Allegra Levy, "Lonely City"

Allegra Levy is a young, but remarkably talented Singer/Songwriter that has just cut her first CD, "Lonely City".  The fact that Allegra likes to sing standards is not what makes her unusual but the fact that when she writes her own music, she writes them in the tradition of the "Great American Songbook" is!  Her voice and phrasing inspiration comes from her love of Carmen McRae and Betty Rodgers and her writing inspiration come from Richard Rodgers, Jule Styne and Henry Mancini.  If a singer/songwriter is looking for inspiration, what better group than this would one pick?  According to Allegra, "Their melodies have lasted for so long and are still so beautiful.  My goal was to retain that timeless sound with modern lyrics. Bring standards into now".   

The 24 year-old New York based vocalist and composer has written 11 original songs for her first CD and each one of them expresses her personal life experiences.  "These are real experiences that I've had, and I want somebody else to know that they're not alone!  

Supporting Allegra on this CD is an all-star cast of musicians: Richie Barshay, Drums, Jorge Roeder, Bass, Adam Kolker, Tenor Sax, Steve Cardenas, Guitar, John Bailey, Trumpet, Carmen Staaf, Piano and Mark Feldman, Violin. This CD was produced by Trumpeter/Composer John McNeil.

"Lonely City" is an excellent and mature first effort from Allegra Levy and will put the music world on notice that she is a musician that has established herself as a winner and future superstar.

I found a "Youtube" of Allegra Levy singing "Lonely City" in a Jazz club.  Unfortunately,  the quality is less than what I heard on her CD, but I still wanted my readers to get a taste of her sound. 

1. "Anxiety"                              2. "I Don't Want To Be In Love"
3. "Everything Green"             4. "A New Face"
5. "Why Do I"                           6. "A Better Day"
7. "I'm Not Okay"                    8. "Clear-Eyed Tango"
9. "Lonely City"                       10. " Our Lullaby"
11. "The Duet"

                                                   Allegra Levy Sings "Lonely City"

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