Saturday, October 18, 2014

CD Review: Mark Meadows "Something' Good"

Mark Meadows' new album, "Somethin' Good" could also have been titled "Somethin' Cool".  This Cd highlights Jazz at its best! Mark is not only a talented Jazz pianist but has also mastered the art of composing, educating and putting a great band together. Mark is not a casual musician, he is a student and now a teacher of Jazz Piano at the Peabody Conservatory where he recently completed his Graduate Performance Degree in Jazz Piano. Mark started playing the keys when he was only three years old. He has not stopped playing since or studying his trade.  In 2011, Mark earned degrees in Jazz Piano from The Peabody Conservatory and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from The John Hopkins University.

I was not only impressed by his suburb, creatively-interesting piano playing but also his composing and arranging talents.  Most of the songs on this CD were written by Mark, and he produced a wonderful fresh and new arrangement for all songs including "Come Together" the Lennon-McCartney gem. The arrangement of this song while true to its "root" construction allows it to be re-born into a great new Jazz piece. Mark brings similar great new arrangements to "Rock With You" by Rod Temperton, "Groovin' High" by Dizzy Gillespie and the great Ellington classic, "Lush Life".

The supporting cast that Mark has gathered for this CD is of the highest level of musicianship. As a past Alto Sax player, I was especially impressed by the contribution from Brent Birckhead in particular. Joining Brent and also contributing wonderful sounds was Paul Bollenback, Guitar,  Warren Wolf, Vibes, Christine Dashiell, vocals, Lean Seikaly, vocals, Eric Kennedy, Drums and Eric Wheeler, Bass.

I found a "YouTube" of Mark playing his own composition "Somethin' Good" that I have attached.

                                                      Mark Meadows "Somethin' Good"

                                  PLAY LIST
1. "Come Together"                     2. "Just Imagine"
3. "Rock With You"                     4. "Somethin Good"
5. "Once Upon A Purple Night"  6. "Less Catchy"
7. "Way Up Here"                        8. "For You"
9. "Groovin' High"                       10. "Get Lost"
11. "Lush Life"

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