Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CD Review: Frank DiSalvo "All Things Are Possible for Those Who Believe"

Over the past few years Frank DiSalvo has quickly become one of the most popular and loved entertainers performing in the Coachella Valley. When I first played this CD, I was surprised by the great arrangements but not by the outstanding singing. Frank has always been a great voice, but I think the quality of his singing on this CD is exceptionally good. In spite of the huge amount of success and following Frank has developed, he has never stopped working to improve his trade. The sounds on this CD prove that all of Frank's efforts have brought him to a much higher level as a singer.

"All Things Are Possible for Those Who Believe" is a "feel good" CD that is guaranteed to lift your spirits and appeal to your patriotism! The songs represent Frank's personality and his beliefs and the spirit within these songs is contagious. I have to admit that after years of following Frank's career, it is so satisfying to see the development of his singing skills. Frank has always been a talented performer, but the release of this CD proves that he has truly arrived as a major league singer!

If you would like to buy a copy, just go to Frank's website: frankdisalvo.com and send Frank an email and he will give you the details.

              Song List
1. "You Raise Me Up"
2. "Wind Beneath My Wings"
3. "The Prayer"
4. "The Impossible Dream"
5. "Wonderful World"
6. "Hallelujah"
7. "God Bless The USA"
8. "Liberty"
9. "I Come Back To You Again"
10. "Heartlight"

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