Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael Dees, David Ring and Danny Flahive Perform Wonderful Music at the Purple Room

Michael Dees, Danny Flahive and David Ring
Michael Dees
Michael Dees

Danny Flahive
Michael Dees and David Ring
David Ring
The Purple Room is a new supper club re-born in a room that has deep historical musical roots in Palm Springs.  The old Purple Room established in 1960 was famously the home to Sinatra's Rat Pack.  During the 1960s, the Purple Room was the rallying spot for Sinatra and his famous friends. They sang, they played and just had fun there.  Now the Purple Room under new management has transformed the Purple Room into it's former self.  The owners of "Trio Restaurant" have applied their capital and restaurant skills to create a great new supper club with live music 6 days a week.  On Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm Michael Dees sings and plays the drums with David Ring and Danny Flahive who was sitting in tonight for Larry Holloway. Michael Dees is a relatively new singer in the Desert, but he has already added to the music scene with his beautiful voice, impeccable timing and Sinatra-like phrasing. Michael is one of the most impressive singers I have heard in many years.  In addition to singing some of the greatest songs from the Great American Songbook, like "My One and Only Love", "I'm Old Fashioned" and the "The Way You Look Tonight",  Michael also sings some of the songs and lyrics he has written.  His songs are stunningly beautiful and stand up perfectly against the classic songs listed above.  He is a brilliant musical talent and I highly recommend that music lovers in the Desert get to the Purple Room to hear him sing.

David Ring was playing Keys tonight and every time I hear David I gain more and more respect for his musical talents.  David plays Jazz that is new and inventive unlike any other of the currently playing in the Desert.  He supports Michael's voice and phrasing perfectly!  Danny Flahive was a joy to listen to on Bass.  Danny has a huge following of supporters in the Desert and for good reason.  Danny always plays with emotion that supports the message of the lyrics.

The Purple Room has an early bird dinner from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM that includes a 3-course dinner for $19.95.  This is the best deal in the Valley,  the great sounds of Michael Dees, David Ring and Larry Holloway and a 3-course dinner for about the cost of a tip at many other restaurants! 

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