Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Jazz At Vicky's, Great Music, Great Players and Great Fun!

Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell

Nick Mancini

Nick Mancini

Allen Goodman

Don Shelton

Larry Holloway & Chip Smith

Chip Smith
"Jazz Time" at Vicky's in Indian Wells is a wonderful Jazz series that has been running on Sundays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm for over 8 years.  That's a long run for any musical group!  So what makes these Sunday Jazz events so special?  First, the leader and Drummer of the group, Allen Goodman assists in selecting some of the most experienced and talented musicians available to join his group. Don Shelton performs vocals and plays Soprano and Alto Sax, Clarinet and Flute. Desert favorite, Larry Holloway plays Bass and Tom Kennlyside plays Tenor Sax and Flute.  Second, these 4 marvelous musicians love having the opportunity to play real Jazz.  And fourth, Allen Goodman and Bobbi Goodman have set up a format that adds new world-class Musicians and Singers every week.  Their motto is: "Don't miss a Single Sunday-You Never Know What Great Thing Can Happen, Just That It Will."  Bobbi Goodman takes care of the organizational business for the group and deserves major credit for lining up outstanding Jazz musicians and vocalists every single week.  This is a difficult time-consuming task. Bobbi has been able to bring over 100 great guests to appear in their 8 year run.  Combining Allen's musical skills and contacts with Bobbi's great managerial skill is a hard combination to top!

Drummer Allen Goodman has years of experience from NY supper clubs to Carnegie Hall to NBC TV.   He has played for the following TV Shows: "The Tonight Show", "Laugh In", "Flip Wilson",  "Name That Tune" and "The Dean Martin Show". He has also toured with world-class musicians and singers like Dinah Shore, Johnny Mathis, Peggy Lee, Liza Minnelli, Vikki Carr and Matt Monro to name just a few.  Don Shelton plays wonderful winds and does vocals and has a glorious Jazz history.  Don has vocalized with the Hi-Lo's and Singers Unlimited.  He recently played with Barbara Cook and has worked in sessions for Prince, Michael Jackson, and Robert Palmer.  Larry Holloway provides a strong foundation for the group. Larry creates wonderful tones from his vintage Bass that was built in the 1890's. Tom Keenlyside was out touring this week but he is a regular in this Jazz group. Tom has played with many of the biggest names in the music business: Diana Krall, Harry Connick Jr., Natalie Cole, Dizzy Gillespie, Mel Torme and Tom Jones.

Today's special guests were Nick Mancini on Vibes, Vocalist Kate Campbell and Pianist Chip Smith.  Nick Mancini is the best vibes player I have heard in years.  His virtuosity is marvelous to witness.  He just doesn't just play the vibes, he attacks them.  At times, when listening to Nick play, it almost seems like he is slightly ahead or slightly behind the beat. During today's entire 3 hour performance, Nick was always on target, putting his own personal emotional spin to some classic Jazz songs. I was most impressed by his approach and touch with ballads.  Nick is a member of the rare club of instrumentalists that can produce the emotion of the lyric through his instrument.  I don't use the word brilliant too often, but Nick Mancini brings brilliance to the Vibes.

Kate Campbell is not only a wonderful singer she is also a fine actor.  She has the ability to transfer her emotional energy into the lyrics of the songs she loves from the "Great American Songbook", making the stories the composers developed come to life.  It is very refreshing to witness a young singer who not only understands the story of the lyric but can express that emotion to her audience.  Kate Campbell has a very bright musical future.  Chip Smith has earned a living for the past twenty years as a commercial composer in Los Angeles.  He has written for clients like Michael Buble' and Universal Studios, the Discovery Channel and Bush Gardens. He plays piano with simple clarity and his solos are fresh and inventive. It was a real pleasure listening to Chip.

  I highly recommend that you make plans to be at Vicky's on Sunday afternoons.  Vicky's will be closed for Easter Sunday but "Jazz Time" will be back in the house through May.


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