Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gilbert Hanson Plays and Sings Jazz at Backstreet Bistro

Jay Lewis, Shelley Yoelin, Gilbert Hanson & Dan Papalla

Gilbert Hanson
Shelley Yoelin

Jay Lewis & Shelley Yoelin

Jazz lovers always make the best and most appreciative audiences.  On Tuesday, April 1,  the great electric Bass Man, Gilbert Hanson sat in for Bill Saitta to lead a group of very talented musicians perform a night of Jazz at The Backstreet Bistro. The weather was windy and cold. Only serious Jazz fans would brave this weather and have dinner on the patio so they could hear the great sounds. This night proved if you play great Jazz, they will come and the patio was full regardless of the weather.

As soon as the band started to play, it seemed to warm the air and everyone immediately enjoyed the music and the musicians.  Gilbert Hanson is one of the few electric Bass players who plays Jazz in the Valley.  He has a unique, cool style, puts down a great groove and walks his electric Bass as well as any Stand Up Bass player. In addition, he sings the Blues as good as anyone I have heard.  Tonight he warmed up the audience singing his version of "Going To Chicago".  

Taking the lead on most of tonight's songs was the talented Tenor Sax player, Shelley Yoelin. When Shelley plays he takes no prisoners, just full speed ahead. He delighted the audience with enthusiastic solos that were well-constructed. On Guitar tonight, was our old friend, Dan Papalla.  Dan is highly respected throughout California and for good reason.  He plays great fresh solos where the listener can clearly hear every note he plays. Any group would be glad to have him.  Jay Lewis one of the absolute best drummers in the Desert played Drums tonight and proved once again why he is so sought after by all the top professionals. He plays with great taste, never overpowers the group and performs original and tight solos.

It was a windy and cold night, but this talented group performed as if we were in the middle of a heat wave.  A great evening of Jazz for all. 

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