Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CD Review: "With Love" Arranged And Conducted by Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox
The new CD, "With Love" is as much about the singers as its about the arranger, conductor, producer and engineer, Jeremy Fox.  Jeremy has gathered 10 of the most highly acclaimed voices singing today.   In order to make Jeremy's final 10, each singer had to prove they had the ability to not only understand the lyrics of each song, but prove they could deliver it with the composer's implied emotion.

For those of us who love singers who can understand and perform songs from the "Great American Songbook", this CD is a gem.  The value of the arranger of songs is sometimes overlooked by many listeners but not by experienced singers.  They all know that a good singer can quickly become a great singer with the addition of a fabulous arrangement.  One has only to review the career of Frank Sinatra and his respect and desire to record with only the very best arrangers to recognize their value.

The singers on this CD have a close relationship with the songs and lyrics they perform and the results are some great performances.  The selection of songs on this CD are also a work of art.  Jeremy put hours of work and planning into producing this CD.  He is very proud that he used the talents of over 80 talented musicians and no artificially synthesized instrumentation.  The final product has made all his effort worth it.  This is a first class CD by a first-class arranger and performed by first class singers.

              List of Songs
1.  "That Old Feeling"---featuring Kate Reid
2.  "All My Tomorrows"--featuring Kate McGarry
3.  "Three Little Words"--featuring Kevin Mahogany
4.  "Get Out Of Town"--featuring Derek Fawcett
5.  "Not While I'm Around"--featuring Sunny Wilkinson
6.  "Girl Talk"--Featuring Wendy Pedersen
7.  "Dindi"--featuring Rose Max & Ramatis Moraes
8.  "Friendship"--featuring Anders Edenroth
9.  "I'm Glad There Is You"--featuring Peter Eldridge
10."Moonray"--featuring Lauren Kinhan
11."So Many Stars"--featuring Kate Reid


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