Monday, February 24, 2014

Carolyn Martinez Singing Better Than Ever at Vicky's

Carolyn Martinez
Listening to Carolyn Martinez sing is always a treat for the ears and the spirit.  Carolyn has become a Desert favorite within a short period of time due to her ability to relate to a lyric and sing it like it was her life story.  Carolyn is meticulous in picking her material, only the best of the best of songs for her.  The result is a wonderful listening and emotional experience for her audiences.  This is her second year singing at Vicky's, and she has more fans than ever going to Vicky's to hear her. Her rhythm section consists of Larry Holloway and Roger King. Larry is already on the top of everyone's list as a super bass player in jus the few years he has been performing in the Valley.  The Drummer, Roger King has been getting a lot of work this season. Roger plays with soft hands that give perfect support to Carolyn's singing. Usually, David Ring plays Piano for Carolyn but tonight Bob Corwin was sitting in for David.  Bob was more than up to filling the large shoes of David Ring and did a marvelous job of performing the arrangements with little time for rehearsal.

Tonight Carolyn asked two popular Valley singers to come up to sing, Leonard Kaye and Ken Steele. Leonard Kaye has a wonderful voice and a great relaxed singing style that is always a treat for any audience.  Ken Steele has a deep golden voice that would sound great even if he was reciting the alphabet.  He is truly a seasoned professional, and I never get tired of hearing him sing.  Ken and Carolyn surprised the audience tonight with a charming duet.

Carolyn and her group perform at Vicky's on Monday nights.  If you haven't heard her sing this year, do you self a favor and call for a reservation to hear her.  She creates a wonderful night of music and I highly recommend you catch her act.    

Carolyn Martinez, Roger King, Larry Holloway and Bob Corwin 

Larry Holloway

Roger King

Ken Steele
Ken Steele and Carolyn Martinez
Leonard Kaye

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