Monday, January 27, 2014

The Rich and Poupee Open Mike Show Brings Out the Best Musical Talents in the Valley

Poupee Boccaccio
Poupee Boccaccio

Poupee Boccaccio
Poupee Boccaccio

The Indian Wells Resort Hotel has "Open Mike" every Wednesday night hosted by two of the most talented performers in the West, Rich Bono and Poupee Boccaccio. I have written about Rich Bono in previous blogs but every time I hear him, I am just amazed at his abilities on the keyboard and his skillful vocals. Rich also has the ability to accompany a vast amount of singers with different singing styles. Rich Bono's resume is stellar. He performed in some of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas for over 25 years. He also toured with the famous Harry James Orchestra and played as an accompanist for many musical stars like Jack Jones, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, Linda Darnell, Mary Kaye Jane Morgan, Don Cherry and Pat Boone just to mention a few.

Rich's partner, the stunningly beautiful Poupee Boccaccio is also a mighty talent in her own right. Poupee has had a successful career in the movies and TV and also speaks and can perform in 5 different languages. She has appeared on the "Johnny Carson Show", "the Joey Bishop Show", "I Spy", "Wild, Wild West", and "Get Smart" and many others. Poupee has acted in the following movies: "Colombo" with Peter Falk, "April Fools" with Jack Lennon, "Fastest Guitar Alive" with Roy Orbinson and "Pocket Money" with Lee Marvin & Paul Newman. And for many years, she was a headline singer for the "Follies Bergere" in Las Vegas. I especially love when she sings in French. She could perform and star in any Jazz club in France with no adjustments. Because so many Valley singers want to perform on Wednesday nights, Rich and Poupee really never have an opportunity to show off all their talents. But make no mistake, these two are major-league performers.

Tonight a long list of singers joined a packed house and performed to the delight of the crowd. "Open Mike" is so much fun, and I recommend it to anyone who likes great singing and the best songs of the Great American Songbook. I have attached pictures of Wednesday's performers. I personally enjoyed everyone!
Ken Steele

Carole Hampton
Thom McMorris
Sally Skeoch

Beverly Jensen-Leys

Ron Negri

Ilone Albert

Colin Bray

Leonard Kaye

Amadeo Bacci

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