Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ron Kalina leads The "Harmonica Convergence Jazz Trio" on Mondays at The Indians Wells Resort Hotel

Ron Kalina

Larry Holloway, Gino Antonacci and Ron Kalina

Rich Bono & Poupee Boccaccio
Rich Bono
Carolyn Martinez

Ken Steele

Gordon Camp
My first posting of the 2014 winter season in the California Desert is a review of Ron Kalina and the "Harmonica Convergence Jazz Trio" currently performing at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel. Mondays are usually a dark night for live music, but we were given a present when Ron Kalina and his Jazz Trio were moved into the Monday spot at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel.  The Indian Wells Resort Hotel continues to be a leader in presenting great live Jazz and now has live music 7 days per week.

Ron Kalina is simply a musical treasure that keeps giving to music lovers in the Valley. Ron sings and plays the keyboard, but his harmonica playing is what makes him such a special musician.  I don't know if Ron is the greatest Harmonica playing performing today but he is certainly the best that I have heard. Ron has a special feel for the great ballads from the "Great American Songbook". The fact that you can hear Ron and his Trio playing every Monday night with no music or cover charge is just another reason you need to get to his show.

Joining Ron in his trio are Gino Antonacci on Vibs and Larry Holloway on Bass.  These two  remarkably talented musicians are both at the top of their game. How often do you get to hear a world class Vib player these days? Gino is one of the great ones and he is still performing because he just loves to play.  Larry Holloway in the short space of a few years of arriving here in the Desert has firmly established himself as one of the great Desert Bass players.  Larry's solos are highly intelligent and organized. When he solos, you don't just hear a series of notes. You hear carefully constructed musical ideas that really explain what Jazz is all about!

There were several special friends in the audience that Ron called up to the stage to perform tonight.  First, Carolyn Martinez the talented singer who has been impressing all of us over the past couple years sang a couple of songs with the Trio.  Carolyn is currently performing across the street at Vicky's every Thursday night and is a delight to hear.  Next everyone's friend, Ken Steele came up to sing a couple of songs. Ken is well known to people in the Desert and his voice is lush and smooth as silk. It is seldom that you get to hear a voice as pure as Ken's in today's music scene.  Rich Bono was next to come up to play the keyboard to the delight of the audience. Rich is well known to all music fans in the Valley and with good reason. Rich is extremely talented and simply a job to listen to. I have talked to dozens of singers in the Desert and when they get a chance to sing, they all pick Rich as the "Go To" pianist they want to play for them! Rich's talented partner and singer, Poupee Boccaccio also made an appearance and sang for us. Rich and Poupee hold court at the Indian Springs Resort Hotel every Wednesday as the hosts of "Open Mike" night that has become stable for everyone that enjoys great singing and instrumental performance. The last friend to join the party was Gordon Camp. Gordon is a fine Trumpet player that can handle Jazz, Pop and anything out of the "Great American Songbook". He joined in with the Trio and thrilled the audience with his supportive playing.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear Ron Kalina and his Jazz Trio playing every Monday starting at 6:00 PM.     

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