Friday, November 29, 2013

Music Man Blog Celebrates It's 4th Birthday

It's time again to celebrate "Music Man Blog's" 4th birthday.  During this past year we have been busy doing live reviews of music events, CD reviews, music book reviews and writing about interesting topics in today's music world.

Even though we have a very narrow audience of Jazz lovers, our blog has continued to grow.  In the past 12 months our page views increased from a total of 57,533 in 2012 to 134,484 in 2013.  Our total page view after our 4th year is now 194,578.

We have followers of our blog living all over the globe.  Here is a list of our "Top 10 countries" ranked by numbers of views.

1. United States                    6. Australia
2. Canada                              7. Ukraine
3. United Kingdom               8. Russia
4. Philippines                        9. France
5. Germany                           10. South Korea

In our first three years of posting, the highest month of page views was September 2012 with 5,886. During the past year we broke this record with a record 16,466 in March 2013.

My thanks to all my blog music friends and musicians throughout the world.  We remain committed to supporting live music performances, new and old CDs and other interesting news about today's music industry.  Keep the music playing!

Warmest Regards, Bob Nicosia

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