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CD Review: "Jimi FITZ"

The Jimi FITZ Group: Ronnie King, Patrick Bostrom, Jimi Fitz, Steve Monroe and Francis Cronin

Jimi Fitz

Patrick Bostrom & Jimi Fitz

Jimi Fitz
If you have ever spent any time in the Coachella Valley, you know the name Jimi Fitz.  Jimi "Fitz" Fitzgerald has one of the most popular radio shows in the California Desert, "Fitz in the Morning" that broadcasts every weekday from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. on 102.3 KJJZ. Jimi has legions of Jazz fans that never miss his morning radio show because Jimi plays the best Jazz classics from yesterday, today and what will become tomorrow's classics.  Jimi has also hosted the highly popular "Fitz' Jazz Cafe" at The McCallum Theatre for the past 15 years. He has brought great Jazz artists into this forum including Diana Krall, George Benson, Natalie Cole and Chris Botti just to name a few. Jimi's career in music is deep into every aspect of the business. He is a giant in the entertainment business and has had success in everything he has been involved with.  He has worked successfully as a producer, concert promoter, director, talent agent, radio and television personality. Music has always been in Jimi's blood. It's who he is!  He is also a talented songwriter and  co-wrote all of the songs on his new CD with the exception of the one cover song, The Chambers Brother classic,"Time Has Come Today".  Jimi's wife and partner Wendy Jayne, who is known by her stage name, WJ Renee wrote the wonderful lyrics for the songs on this album and played a key role in producing the final musical product.

Jimi Fitz has a true life-controlling passion for music that few people ever experience. Music is truly his life and has become his universe. Listening to his new CD, it is clear that Jimi has been able to transfer his passion for music directly into his performance of the songs on this Album. One gets the feeling of conviction and honesty and Jimi uses these emotions to give life to the great lyrics of WJ Renee.

Jimi Fitz' new CD contains 10 great new songs and one of the songs, "American Dream" was recently featured as a lead story on the Coachella Music Festival and Stagecoach blog, Mycoachella.com as "The new 4th of July anthem". I am sure that his wonderful song with 21st century lyrics will be heard for many 4th of Julys to come by music lovers in the Valley.

Jimi's voice has many of the same qualities as the late Johnny Cash. For me, I think it's probably what Johnny Cash would have sounded like if he was singing songs with lyrics that related to today's fast moving culture. There is no spin in the composing and singing from Jimi Fitz, he is true to his roots and is solidly focused on his take of today's American way of life!

Fitz put together a sterling group of musicians to work with him on this CD.  Patrick Bostrom on Guitar, Francis Cronin on Bass, Ronnie King on Keyboards and Steve Monroe on Drums. Also contributing were Lewis Richards on Bass and Guitar, Jennifer Argenti on Violin, Arianna Harville on background vocals and the great John Stanley King on Guitar.  The album was co-produced by Ronnie King, Lewis Richards and Jimi Fitz.

Check out the "Youtube" below where Jimi sings and talks about the making of this record along with members of his group.

You can hear all the songs on this CD by checking out Jimi Fitz' site: jimifitz.com.

Songs on the Jimi FITZ CD:
1. Go On                                                         6. I Don't Need This Now
2. Don't Waste My Champagne                      7. Hey Mister
3. Quick Quick                                                8. Hello There My Friend
4. American Dream                                         9. Song For Dad
5. Time has Come Today                                10. A Simple Tune

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