Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pre-Release CD Review: Ron Boustead's "Mosaic"

Ron Boustead 

I listen to a lot of new CDs every week, and there is always a few real musical gems that I discover in my pile. I like a lot of the new artists but I only fall in love with a very small number.  Ron Boustead is  an artist that I have fallen in love with because of his "Mosaic" CD.  Usually I have to hear a new artist several times before I get a deep feeling for the new songs and the artist. Not so with Ron Boustead and his new CD "Mosaic".  This CD took a few years to produce and after just hearing it once, you will know why it took so long to complete.  Everything about this CD is brilliant!  The selection of songs are great, the singer is great, the mixing is great, the arrangements are great and the supporting group of musicians are superb.

Ron Boustead is a gifted vocalist and songwriter. "Mosaic" contains 4 songs he wrote and the balance of 6 songs are classics that Ron has applied his own interpretation to. I put a photo above of the credits because this CD was not created by getting a small group of musicians in a room and pumping out a CD.  Ron Boustead has put many hours of thought into who he wanted for each track and used lots of different players on each one.  Sometimes this can be a problem because the final product comes out uneven and not matched.  Not so here, the listener is carried seamlessly throughout the entire sound ride with no clue that each track contained a different group of professional musicians. The fact that the musicians Ron has chosen are world class players made the process work.

Ron sings and writes music in the same spirit that brings to mind some of the greatest songwriters of popular music today like Carole King, James Taylor, Jon Lucien, Bill Withers, Billy Larkin and contemporary Brazillian composer Leo Minax. This terrific CD will be available on September 3, 2013.

           1.   Moon Song                              6.   Careless Wind
           2.   You're Sensational                   7.   Every Monent Of You
           3.   No Me Without You                8.   Everything Be Ok
           4.   Wishful Thinking                     9.   Whatever Happens
           5.   And Now?                               10.  Secret 'O Life

I found one of the songs on the CD, "Moon Song" on Youtube and have attached it so you can hear Ron Boustead for yourself.  Enjoy!

                                                Ron Boustead Singing "Moon Song" 

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