Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CD Review: Gene Ess, "Fractal Attraction"

David Berkman, Thana Alexa, Gene Ess, Thomson Kneeland and Gene Jackson
"Fractal Attraction" is a new album for a quintet by Gene Ess. Seven songs on this CD are original pieces composed by Gene Ess and one song was written by Thana Alexa.  All of the songs are fresh, original and compelling. Award winning guitarist, Gene Ess, comes from a diverse background that has formed his unique style. Gene's early years were filled with the sounds of Beethoven and Chopin.  Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Gene grew up on a US Air Force base on Okinawa. The result of all this mixed life and musical experiences gave Gene the ability to compose and perform a refreshing new and terrific sound that joins Pop, Classical and Jazz.

I was most impressed with the voice of Thana Alexa that is used more as an instrument throughout this CD.  Thana voice joins Gene's guitar perfectly and creates an exciting new united sound that works perfectly with Gene's compositions.

According to Gene "Fractal is the name given to images, landscapes, sounds and any other pattern that is self-similar in nature, that is, if you look at one small part, no matter how small, you get a sense of the whole picture. With this in mind, the music was composed from a loose (a la jazz) perspective and not a  rigid adherence to any rules or subsets of rules imposed by the fractal composing techniques. The result is a collection of swinging music that looks forward and looks to the past with musical respect. The supporting musicians on this Cd are truly experienced and professional.  Thana Alexa on Voice, David Berkman, Piano, Thomson Kneeland, Bass and Gene Jackson, Drums.

This CD will surely win many awards and will truly deserve them.  It's the new sound of Jazz that combines traditional Jazz with the sounds of new Jazz creating a different but comfortable new sound. "Fractal Attraction" was released on May 8, 2013 and is available at all fine retailers.

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