Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jason Peterson DeLaire Is In The House At The La Quinta Resort.

Jason Peterson DeLaire

Jason and Brian Dewbenny

Brian Dewbenny
I first heard Jason Peterson Delaire sing and play Alto Sax and Keyboard at Backstreet Bistro when I was there listening to his talented mother, Linda Peterson.  Jason is a major part of the musically talented Peterson family of Minnesota. Jason is a highly sought after musician who is playing at The La Quinta Resort in Morgan's Restaurant in the bar area.  Jason will be playing and singing every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday night at the Resort through the balance of May except for the period of May 6 through May 19 when he will be touring in Europe with Michael Bolton.

When you first hear Jason sing and play Piano, you will find it hard to believe he was born and lived most of his life in Minnesota.  He has a perfect Rhythm and Blues raspy voice that is perfect for the Blues.  If I had to guess, I would have said he was born in the South and lived most likely in New Orleans. His style is purely his own and so is he approach to the wide variety of songs he likes to sing. The fact that is has recorded and will soon be touring again with Michael Bolton make a lot of sense. These two singer approach R & B, Blues and Pop songs with a very similar feel. But Jason's talents don't stop at singing and playing Piano or Keyboard. He plays major league Alto Sax and I am sure he will be playing a lot of Alto Sax on this tour with Bolton. Jason also is songwriter and producer.

The bar at Morgan's, the wonderful gourmet restaurant inside the La Quinta Resort is an excellent spot to take in Jason wonderful playing and singing.  There is plenty of places to sit either at the bar or at close-by tables and there is a full bar menu available that has all the great food that Morgan serves.  The bartender that served us at the bar is Brian Dewbenny and he is one of the most polished and experienced bartenders you will ever meet!  It's a great spot to savor some great food and at the same time chill out with some great sounds from Jason.

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