Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Coachella Valley Symphony Joined by Featured Artists Steve Madaio & Tom Keenlyside

Tom Keenlyside, Conductor Wayne Abravanel and Steve Madaio
The Coachella Valley Symphony, Steve Madaio and Tom Keenlyside
The Coachella Valley Symphony

The Coachella Valley Symphony

On Tuesday April 16,  Jazz merged with Classical when Steve Madaio and Tom Keenlyside brought the KM Project's new CD, "Slices" to The Coachella Valley Symphony.  The KM Project is an idea created by two dynamic musicians Steve Madaio and Tom Keenlyside.  After meeting by chance in Palm Desert in 2010, they soon discovered that they had much in common.  Shortly after their first meeting, Steve and Tom played a few gigs together and quickly realized that their individual phrasing made their music very compatible.  The progress of their collaboration quickly moved as they began talking about the classic songs of the 70's and the impact these songs had on their lives.    As soon as the songs were selected, they both worked on new arrangements for these classic tunes.  The result is "Slices" their hot new CD.  

A chance meeting with Maestro Wayne Abravanel gave Steve the opportunity to discuss Tom's and his new project.  As soon as Steve shared his story about the songs and arrangements he was working on with Tom, Wayne suggested that Steve and Tom perform with The Coachella Valley Symphony incorporating the songs on the CD; and this is how "A Symphony of Rockin' Jazz "was born.

Playing to a capacity audience consisting of both Classical and Jazz followers, the concert was wildly appreciated.  What was somewhat surprising to me was that as each song was announced, there was an spontaneous reaction of recognition from the audience.  These songs of the 70s obviously brought back memories for so many people.

 Jazz met Classical and we all were winners because we got to experience it live! I hope that Jazz and the wonderful Coachella Valley Symphony continue their partnership next season.

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