Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sherry Williams Lights Up Woody's Jazz CLub

Andy Fraga Jr., Larry Holloway, Sherry Williams and Keith Droste
The Divas: Sherry Williams and Yve Evans
Tuesday night Sherry Williams performed with Andy Fraga Jr. on Drums, Larry Holloway on Bass and Keith Droste on Keys at Woody's Burgers and Beer in Palm Springs. This was the first time I had the opportunity to hear Sherry sing. I also had not heard Keith Droste before tonight's performance. Tonight, Sherry was sitting in for the always great Brian Nova.

Sherry Williams has a strong but soft voice that has hints of Ella, Sarah and my personal favorite, Nancy Williams. Her style, stage presence and timing are impeccable. I have mentioned before in several blogs that only the very best singers perfect the ability to interpret a lyric and make it come alive.  Sherry Williams is a charter member of this special group of singers.  Sherry brings her own personal interpretation to lyrics and then paints a picture of the story the composer had in mind when the music was written. Tonight Sherry sang the song that I have rated the number one song in the "Great American Songbook" The Nearness of You". I honestly have never heard anyone sing and express the lyric any better!  Tonight was my first experience with Sherry Williams, and I am now in love with her!  Sherry is a big supporter of Jazz and she hosts a different Jazz group every Thursday at "The Merc" in Temecula. You can get more information and tickets by going the the Old Town Temecula Theater online site:  Http://www.Temecula Tickets are a bargain at only $15!

There are levels of Jazz performance at every live Jazz event and tonight Andy Fraga, Jr., Larry Holloway and Keith Droste performed at the highest level adding to this superbly-enjoyable evening of Jazz.  In particular, Keith Droste was especially impressive on Keys. I hope of get to hear more from Keith in the near future.

Adding to the night's excitement, everyone's favorite, Yve Evans came to hear and support Sherry.  To the audiences' delight, Sherry invited Yve to sing with her. It's clear that Sherry and Yve have a strong mutual respect and admiration for each other.  In addition, they both are sensitive and caring people.

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