Monday, July 23, 2012

CD Review: Tim Carey, Room 114

Tim Carey
Tim Carey
Tim Carey is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Seattle Washington.  He is young, but he plays and composes like a seasoned super star.  Tim joins the other lead bass players who have recorded great new CDs this year with outstanding results.  I was very impressed with his playing style and ability, but I was absoultely knocked out by two other talents -- his composing skills and his selection of supporting players for this CD. "Room 114" features 10 original compositions which are nothing short of brilliant. His writing is a mix of modern jazz with melodic melodies combined with great fresh rhythms.   This is the first release by Tim Carey and the music and the band is just world class.  The songs are intelligent and the mix with the band is seamless. Tim is joined by some simply magnificent musicians.  Eric Verlinde plays piano and keyboard and gets the opportunity to show his virtuosity with one great solo after another.  I don't think anyone could perform better than Eric did for this CD. Brendan Odonnell's guitar work was smooth, melodic and creative on all the cuts. Jeff Busch supplied the rhythms of Brazil, always ankering the group but never overpowering it on Drums and Percussion. Tarik Abouzled's drum work fit perfectly together with Jeff's work on Drums and Percussion. Finally, Tim Carey's bass playing was simply terrific supplying the glue to fit all these world-class musicians together into one seamless, musical explosion of new songs and sounds.

This CD was released on May 29, 2012 and it is one of the best releases of the year.  You need to get it, and I promise it will become one of your favorite CDs of 2012.  

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