Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CD Review, "Bridge To Nowhere": The Dale Curtis Quintet

The Dale Curtis Quintet

Dale Curtis
On a recent visit to see Frank Di Salvo perform at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel, Frank introduced me to a wonderful trumpet playing friend of his, Dale Curtis.  Dale sat in with Frank, and I really liked his phrasing style and soft trumpet and flugelhorn sound.  Later that night I found out that Dale had recently put a quintet together and cut a new CD entitled "Dale Curtis Quintet, Bridge To Nowhere".  (The title is the same as one of the songs Dale wrote for this CD.)  Of course, we all know about the politically famous Alaskan "Bridge To Nowhere" which is located in Ketchikan, Alaska, where Dale lives.

Dale has gathered a very talented group of musicians to join him on this CD.  Bob Kindred on tenor sax and clarinet, Paul Meyers on acoustic guitar who also acted as producer and arranger, Ed Littlefield on drums Christian Fabian on acoustic bass.  The group has put together some great songs and arrangements for this CD.  They approached Herbie Hancock's chestnut, "Watermelon Man"which is a very unique uptempo style that really cooks.  I loved the dreamy way Bob Kindred approached "Tenderly" with solid guitar support from Paul Meyers. Dale Curtis also shows his writing ability with the songs he wrote for this CD, "Bridge To Nowhere" and "Southeast Breeze" (You can almost feel the breeze). I especially liked the opening clarinet and bass work from Bob Kindred and Christian Fabian on "I Can't Give You Anything But Love".  This CD is a solid jazz recording with a touch of "Dixieland" on a few songs like "Lazy River". This is a totally enjoyable CD from Dale Curtis with help from his talented friends, and I highly recommend it!

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