Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yve Evans, Music As Good As It Gets!

Yve Evans
Bill Saitta & Yve Evans

Jeff Olsen, Bill Saitta, Yve Evans

Jeff Olsen

I traveled back to Woody's again to hear Yve Evans, a performer that many of my musician friends have been raving about over the past few weeks. I found out that Yve has been singing in the Desert for many years, but I never had the chance to hear her.  Tonight I heard Yve sing and play keyboard and in just a few minutes of listening to her I fell in love with her.  It is hard to describe the multi-talented  brilliance of her singing and to my surprise, her ability on the keyboard was just as great as her singing.  And if this wasn't enough, it turns out that Yve also has a very funny sense of humor that she sprinkles into her performance.  Yve has a heavenly soft voice that reminds me of Ella and Betty Carter all rolled into one.  Yve has the ability to understand lyrics and use them to tell her audience an unbelievably emotionally-filled story.  What a talent!  It took me a long time to "discover" Yve but there is no chance I will miss any future opportunity to hear her again when she comes back into town.

Backing Yve tonight were two extremely talented Desert players, Bill Saitta on upright bass and Jeff Olsen on drums. Bill showed his creative ability on the upright bass giving us some of the best bass improvisations I've heard and Jeff supplied some of the softest drummer hands that blended into Bill's bass and Yve's lush sounds.

I understand that Yve will back at Woody's in a couple of weeks.  I will try to keep you posted as to her next appearance.  Don't miss the next chance to see and hear Yve. She is worth making the extra effort to see!

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