Monday, August 15, 2011

"Who Is Harry Nilsson And Why Is Everybody Talkin About Him?"

I am sure that some of you have heard of or were fans of the great singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson.  I have not followed Harry's career but I did know he wrote and performed some really great songs. I was recently contacted by Lauren Dellipoali who works for "SnagFilms" who sent me a link to a new movie they produced called "Who is Harry Nilsson and Why Is Everybody Talkin About Him?". She gave me permission to share the movie with my readers for free but only until August 19. I watched the movie and I found it professionally done and very interesting.  This movie explores the very complex but interesting life and career of Harry Nilsson and looks at many of his relationships in the music business including comments from his friends including John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

I would also encourage you to checkout the SnagFilms site,  They have an online library of over 2,100 films that are unusual and entertaining.

Check out the Nilsson film,,


  1. Hey, Music Man. Saw your post where everybody's talking about the singer-songwriter simply known as Nillson. I remember him and a few of his songs pretty well...of course mostly the unofficial theme song from Midnight Cowboy (Everybody's Talkin')which I think he sang but did not write. I actually had (have?) a copy of an album of his called Nillson Schmillson which is pretty un-notable except for a song which has a line which somehow everybody remembers: "you put de lime in de coconut and mix 'em all up." Somehow the Beatles were allegedly big fans of Nillson and promoted him but don't think he ever really hit the big time since he didn't tour or appear on TV much. There is a story that's been around forever that both Cass Elliot and Keith Moon died in the same apartment that was owned or rented by Nillson....seems like just rock-lore but who knows?

  2. Hi Ken from Glenmont: Nilsson did write "Everybody's Talkin" made famous in the Midnight Cowboy movie. He was extremely talented and did achieve a strong following and financial success. Unlike his peers, he refused to tour or do much TV because he was somewhat insecure about the level of his talent. The Beatles were sent one of his records and they fell in love with his voice and his song writing ability. As a result they reached out to tell him so and Harry became lifelong friends with the Beatles especially John Lennon and Ringo Starr. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Just received an email from Ken who informed me that I was incorrect in stating that Nilsson was the writer of "Everybody's Talkin" and he is right. The song was written by Fred Neil who also recorded the song without much success and then Nilsson recorded it again for Midnight Cowboy. Sorry for the error but glad for the heads up about it from Ken.


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