Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Review of "From California With Love". West Coast Musicians Step Up To Raise Money for Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

Diane Hubka

I recently came across a new CD produced as a result of an idea that came from the great singer/guitarist Diane Hubka and renowned producer Bill Reed of SSJ Records. Japan has always been a welcome place for American Jazz performers, and the purpose of this new CD is an attempt by this group of talented musicians to return the love in Japan's time of need. 100% of all sales goes to Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief.

Bill Reed

The CD includes some familiar and respected singers and musicians featuring tracks from: Diane HubkaAlan Broadbent, Jim Cox, Johnny Holiday, Christian Jacob, Leslie Lewis, Dick Noel, Frankie RandallSue Raney, Kurt Reichenbach, Dan Sawyer, Tierney Sutton, Pinky Winters, and a special bonus track by the late Chris Connor.

There are 13 tracks on this CD and if you love hearing superb singers and musicians playing great songs, you must buy this CD. Every singer and musician on this CD will leave you wanting more.

List of Album Tracks and Performers:
1.   Blue Skies: Sue Raney and Alan Broadbent
2.   Sweet and Lovely: Alan Broadbent
3.   Strike Up The Band: Johnny Holiday and Sam Most
4.   Skylark: Leslie Lewis and Gerard Hagen
5.   Here's To Life: Kurt Reichenbach and Jim Cox
6.   Sweet Happy Life (Samba de Orfeu): Diane Hubka and Dan Sawyer
7.   Ue Wo Muite Arukou (Sukiyaki): Christian Jacob
8.   Beautiful Love: Tierney Sutton and Christian Jacob
9.   We Can Work It Out: Jim Cox
10. Dream: Dick Noel
11. I Feel A Song Coming on; Chris Connor
12. The Wave: Frankie Randall
13. You'll Never Walk Alone: Pinky Winters and Jim Cox

I know my music friends in Palm Springs will just flip over this CD.  Many of my favorites are on this CD: Sue Raney, Alan Broadbent,  the always great Frankie Randall and the one and only Tierney Sutton. But as a bonus, I got to know some talented new friends, Johnny Holiday, Sam Most, Leslie Lewis, Gerard Hagen, Kurt Reichenbach, the remarkable Jim Cox, Diane Hubka, Dan Sawyer, Christian Jacob, Dick Noel, The late great Chris Connor and Pinky Winters.  All these great singers and musicians for $20 and it goes to a worthy cause.  The best deal in town!  You can buy the CD on CDBaby.

By the way, singer/guitarist Diane Hubka who was one of the driving forces on this CD, has a new release by SSJ Records, "I Like It Here: Live in Tokyo".  I will be doing a review of this CD in the near future. Look her up, she is an exciting talent.

I can't leave this posting without a comment about producer Bill Reed.  I had no idea of who Bill Reed was or what he had done until I started to do some research for this review.  I went on the SSJ Records site and was just knocked out by the outstanding singers Bill has produced over the years; one better than the next. This gentlemen knows what great sounds are all about.  Thanks Bill for keeping quality music playing!                                                                                                                                                          

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