Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Review of Keith Richards' New Book, "Life"

Keith Richards
I just finished reading Keith Richards' 547 page book "Life". I love a lot of songs that the "Rolling Stones"have written and performed but I have not followed their long and successful career very closely. I started the book knowing very little about Keith Richards except that he is a great guitarist and part of the foundation of the "Stones". I did not know what I would learn but I did expect to read a lot of about drugs, women, booze and rock and roll. However, this book turned out to be much more than a review of these topics. The book is a must for the following groups: fans of the "Stones", any guitar player, anyone that loves rock & roll and anyone who loves classic American Blues.  Keith tells his life experiences in what I believe is a clear and remarkably honest way.  We have all read about supper star musicians who turn into monsters as they start to reach the heights of stardom and financial independence but this is not Keith's story.  I have always had the most respect for performers who never forget who they are and where they came from. However, there are few mega stars that I have known that can achieve this pure quality of reality. Keith Richards is one of the exceptions. What amased me the most about Keith is that he never needed to become a major star in order to find his true happiness.  Keith has always loved R & B and classic blues coming out of the Black South and would have been happy to just be locked up in a room with a few guitars and his favorite records. What comes across to the reader in his book is Keith's love for music, without much interest in fame and the money that comes with it. Keith is a rare bird when it comes to this thinking.

The second most amasing fact that becomes clear to the reader is that there is no way Keith Richards should be alive today. His abuse of his body with not only drugs and alcohol but his lifestyle. A life with total focus on music both played and written.

The last interesting part of this book was the stories Keith relates about the many great musicians that he admired, studied, played with and passed through his life. I found this information very entertaining.  "Life" is a book that is not only informative but fun to read!

Music Man Awards This Book  "4 Quarter Notes"!

4 Quarter Notes=  Excellent Book, Must Read
3 Quarter Notes=  Good Book
2 Quarter Notes=  Somewhat Interesting
1 Quarter Note =   Save Your Time and Money  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

TIm McLoone & The Shirleys Rock "Tim McLoone's Supper Club In Asbury Park"

Tim McLoone and The Shirleys

Tim McLoone

The Shirleys

Maureen McKrink

Amy Broza

Layonne Holmes

Tim McLoone

Barbara King
On Saturday night, July 2 I traveled to historic Asbury Park, New Jersey but not to visit the world famous "Stone Pony".  My mission was to see and hear one of the best bands at the Jersey Shore, "Tim McLoone and the Shirleys".  They were performing at the brand new and glorious "Tim McLoone's Supper Club" that has in a relatively short period of time become the "Go to" place for great live music in New Jersey.  Tim McLoone is a living legion in Monmouth County, NJ and seems to have unlimited energy when it comes to not only music but also business, too.  Tim currently has several restaurants he owns and operates in addition to frequently performing with the various bands he has put together. In addition, Tim generously supports various charities throughout Monmouth County. The supper club he built in Asbury Park can rival any supper club you find in the country including New York City.  It's a great venue for live music with first-class acoustics and lighting.

This wonderful band put together by Tim includes the following top professional musicians:
     Tim McLoone: Piano & Vocals
     Shirleys: Amy Broza, Maureen McKrink & Layonne Holmes
     Stephen Munter: Sax
     Bobby Boyd: Drums
     Roger Taylor: Guitar & Vocals
     Jim Celestino: Guitar
     Michael Gribbroek: Trumpet & Flugehorn
     Mark Murphy: Bass

At tonight's sold out performance, the band performed some of the best songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's to the delight of the audience. They covered great R & B Classics, Rock, Country and even Broadway songs. One of the best features of this new supper club is that Tim has provided a large dance floor in front of the bandstand and it was always full of happy dancing customers starting with the first note the band played.  What's better than getting to hear and dance to some of your very favorite songs played by a live 10 piece band? Sadly, there are few places left that provide this kind of venue and all my live music followers need to make plans right now to get down to see some of the many acts Tim has booked for the rest of the summer. If you want to catch Tim McLoone and The Shirleys, and you should, make sure you have your dancing shoes on! I have listed their future schedule below:
     7/16/11: McLoone's Rum Runner
     7/31/11: Monmouth Park Concert
     8/3/11: Sandy Hook Beach Concert
     8/6/11: McLoone's Supper Club
     8/20/11: McLoone's Rum Runner
 Before the concert and during the first break, we were also treated to the wonderful voice and piano sounds from Barbara King. The acoustics Tim has built into this supper club are perfect for Barbara. Her voice never sounded better.  You can hear Barbara every Thursday night at McLoone's Rum Runner in "Historic Sea Bright, New Jersey".

Monday, July 4, 2011

Michael Robinson Will Be Singing in Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate At NJPAC

Michael Robinson
Our friend and Montclair State University Theatre student Michael Robinson will be performing in the New Jersey Youth Theatre Presentation of Cole Porter's biggest hit, "Kiss Me, Kate" at NJPAC.  The show will run from July 15-24 and you can get good seats for only $30.00.  What a great deal! You can't even park for the night in NYC for $30.00 and bring your kids who can get in for $20.00.

Kiss Me, Kate is a wonderful musical within a play adapted from Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew". "Break A Leg" Michael! 

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