Monday, May 9, 2011

The Music Man's "Coachella Valley Live Music Hall Of Fame"

Desert Dreams
It's May and as I got ready to make the trip back to New Jersey, I began thinking about all the great musicians I enjoyed this winter in the desert.  I thought the Music Man Blog should have a "Cochella Valley Live Music Hall Of Fame". Here is the class of 2011", "listed in no particular order" to enter the Hall. I know there are a lot of other musicians I missed but I started with the marvelous performers that I have seen. If you have other personal favorites, please let me know so I can make sure to hear them next winter.

                                                                  The Class of 2011

   Trumpet: Steve Madaio
   Bass: Bill Saitta, Jeff Stover, Brian Nova
   Male Singers-First Chair: Jack Jones, Mike Costley, Frank DiSalvo,
Johnny Meza, Frankie Randall, Pat Rizzo, Derrik Lewis, Christopher Gore, Slim Man, Larry Capeloto
   Male Singers-Second Chair: Erich Stratmann, Ken Steele, Tom McMorris, Marc Koltun, Denny Seidenfeld, Jim Salestrom
   Piano/keyboard: Marty Steele, Yarak Urant, Frankie Randall, Johnny Meza, Gino Antonacci, Derrik Lewis
   Sax: Pat Rizzo, Mindi Abair, Euge Groove, George Young, Al Diaz, Ron Coco, Reggie Alexander, Mikole Kaar, Gary Bias, Steve Alaniz, Ted Herman
   Female Singers-First Chair: Ann Hampton Callaway, Liz Callaway, Lola Rossi, Beverly Jensen, Laura Hagen, Poupee Boccaccio, Carolyn Martinez,  Kristi King, Lee Hartley
   Female Singers-Second Chair: Missoni Lanza, Jeanie Stanhope, Carole Hampton, Anita Gardner
   Drums: Andy Fraga, Steve Neilen, Jay Lewis, Julio Cesare, Jack Pina, Sal Frisura

   Flute: Tom Kennlyside, Pat Rizzo, Al Lopex, Steve Alaniz
   Trombone: John Leys
   Guitar: Brian Nova, Dan Papaila, Jeff Golub, Frank DiSalvo, John Pagels
   Vibs: Gino Antonacci

   Bandleaders: Ted Herman, Guy Lake

                            The Great Restaurants Supporting Live Music

       Arnold Palmers, Desert Sage, The Sandbar, Backstreet Bistro, Cafe des Beaux-Arts,  Le Paon, Cafe' Italia,  Indian Wells Resort Hotel, The Nest, Vicky's of Santa Fe, Tormes', Trinidads, Blue Ember, IW Club, Tropicale, Escena Lounge & Grill,  Miramonte Resort & Spa

                                      Businesses Supporting Live Music

      Pete Carlson's Golf & Tennis


  1. If I may, I'd like to add my comments to your listing.
    Trumpet: Steve Madaeo is an ecellent musician but I don't care for his "trills". I prefer Stan Watkins and Don Clark. As I posted once on FaceBook, if you want to hear "Tenderly" played tenderly listen to Stan Watkins!
    Male singers: Ad Richard Bono & Dennis Michaels
    Female singers: My favorite is Anita Gardner! She sings songs I like the way they are written.
    Best Femaale voice however! Rebecca Clark! Second is Darci Daniels and tied for 3rd is Lee Hartly and Carolyn MArtinez.
    Drums: add Sal Frisaura
    Piano: Add Richard Bono and Dennis Michaels
    Sax: Best all around is Pat Rizzo. Jazz is Stve Alaniz & Rod Kokolj. Sweet and mellow is Don Rice.

  2. Hi Herb: Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I would like to respond to a few of them.

    1. "Trills" aside, Steve Madaio plays with such soft emotion that sometimes it eliminates the need for lyrics. It's like I can feel the emotion of the lyric coming straight out of his trumpet. It's on the slow standards like, "What New" and "You've Changed" that he is at his very best. He has the same feel and approach to great standards that Miles did!

    2. I listed Anita but was not sure of her last name. I edited the blog to correct the problem.

    3. So glad you reminded me about Lee Hartley. Also, I also forgot to list Larry Capeloto. Have now made both corrections.

    4. Also overlooked Sal Frisaura and he is now on the list.

    5. If I was putting the list in ranking order, "The Riz" would be on the top of the list!

    The reason I published this blog article was not for ranking purposes. That would have been too difficult for me and much too subjective. My sole purpose was to honor all the great musicians that perform in the Desert and put a spotlight on them. The Music Man Blog is dedicated to supporting live music and the great and talented musicians who continue to perform live. Perhaps next year I could publish a list again and ask my readers to vote for their favorites?

  3. Hi Robert, Thanks for the mention. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Desert again next season. (if not sooner!)

  4. Thank you Dan for all the great guitar sounds! Have a great musical summer!

  5. Thanks for mentioning Frank DiSalvo, not only does he sing great, but he is a fantastic guitar player!!! He's only been in he Desert a short while, but he already has a huge following.

  6. Hi Robert,Thanks for your support.I am honored to be apart of such a great group of performers.We are truly blessed to have such fine musicians in the valley.Looking forward to seeing you next season.Bless you,Frank D.

  7. Dear Cate Ervin: I could not agree with you more. Frank does have a huge following already. The blog I first posted about Frank in February 2011 is now the 3rd most opened article on my blog. Considering I have posted over 100 articles, this proves your point about his strong following.

  8. Thanks Frank, and make sure you keep me informed about your musical agenda until I get back to the Desert next January. Have a great summer.

  9. If I may comment on Frank Disalvo's talent as a singer. He's GREAT! but exceeds that quality by being one of the most likeable people I've ever had the pleaseure to meet. We attended one of his first shows at the Indian Wells Resort and there may have been 10 or 15 in attendance. We've not missed a week since and now you need a reservation to see this talented man sing and interact with his audiences. We can't wait for him to return next season. Ted Wright

  10. Thanks, Ted! With supporters like you, I probably will not be able to get a reservation for Frank's show next year. We will have to remind Frank that "We knew him when he was just starting"! How great is it to find a talent singer who is also just a real nice guy! Hope we can meet at one of Frank's shows next winter. Have a great summer and please keep checking into my blog from time to time.


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