Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pat Rizzo-One More Time!

Pat Rizzo

Pat Rizzo & Yarek Urant 

The Pat Rizzo Band

Jim DeJuilo

Steve Neilen

Carol Hampton-Singer/Actress

Denny Seidenfeld-Entertainer/Philanthropist

Dave Schaner-Jazz/Swing Historian & Lecturer

I decided to make another visit to Vicky's Restaurant to take in the Pat Rizzo "Tony Bennett" show on Tuesday, April 29.  In my last review that I published on March 20, I indicated that not only did I love the way Pat plays sax and flute, but I was also caught off guard by how well he sings. I got lucky this night because Pat sang almost every song.  I continue to be impressed with his range and ability to hit every note with perfect pitch. Another positive change was the synergy amoung the members of Pat's bank. It was noticeably better than my last visit. The performance by Yarek Urant on Piano, Jim DeJulio on bass and Steve Neilen on drums fit together with Pat like a glove. Pat made a remark during the program that this was the best band he has ever put together, and I certainly agree with that!  I also was treated to a song by the wonderful singer, Carole Hampton.  This is the third time I have heard Carole sing, and I am more impressed every time I hear her.  Carole needs to get her own regular gig so we can take in more of her wonderful singing voice and style. I also got to hear Denny "Mr Excitement" Seidenfeld sing again, and he is always great fun.  I also want to mention that I got to meet, Dave Schaner, the Jazz and Swing Historian and Lecturer. If you love Jazz and Swing music, Dave is the go-to guy.  His knowledge of performers and recordings is very impressive.  Dave gives music lectures during the season at the Rancho Mirage Library and he is well worth seeing.  All in all, there are four excellent reasons why you need to catch the Pat Rizzo Tuesday show at Vicky's: Pat Rizzo, Yarek Urant, Jim DeJulio and Steve Neilen
Pat Rizzo & Yarek Urant

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