Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lots of Food, Wine and Great Jazz at the Coachella Wine Festival at Miramonte Resort & Spa

Sisters Cupcakes

La Brasserie


One of the tasting booths

Tasting Booths
Lola Rossi, Mikole Kaar & Johnny Meza

Mikole Karr & Johnny Meza
On Saturday, April 16, I went over to The Miramonte Resort & Spa to attend the Coachella Wine Festival.  The Wine Festival is a four day wine and food adventure that includes a golf tournament at the Classic Club.  I was looking forward to tasting some great new California wines but was surprised to find that in addition to great wines there was also a large array of tasty food provided by some of the best restaurants in the Valley.  To top it all off, there was a live program of jazz music put together by my good friend, Johnny Meza.  The music started with a trio consisting of Johnny singing and on keyboard, Mikole Kaar on alto and the clear smooth voice of Lola Rossi.  I had just heard Lola sing the night before at the Escena Lounge & Grill and was delighted for the chance to hear more.  This was also the first time I got to hear Mikole Kaar play alto and he was a good addition to the group. I understand that Mikole plays in a jazz group every Tuesday at The Tavern, 3700 Vista Chino@ Gene Autry in Palm Springs. I hope I can get to review his show before I leave the desert.

Julio Cesare
The next musician to arrive was Julio Cesare who brought with him a new and very neat electronic drum.  According to Julio, this new electronic instrument can make hundreds of sounds. As he played with the group, he produced some great rhythms.  I found out later that Julio plays with the "Great" Inka Kings who perform at the La Quinta Resort on Saturdays.

Our next arrival was Denise Motto who played the keyboard and sang.  Denise was a powerhouse of rhythm combined with a soft and smooth voice.  An outstanding musician that I would like to hear more from.  She plays at Dink's Restaurant on Saturdays.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon with great weather, superb wines, delicious food, great sounds from some of my old musical friends combined with some very talented new musical friends.
Denise Motto


  1. I could tell there was a lot fun during that festival! I like your blog! Happy Easter!...Daniel

  2. Thanks, Daniel: It's so nice knowing that there is somebody out there who follows my postings. Happy Easter to you too! Sad to say I will be leaving the desert in about a week. I am headed back to New Jersey and hope you follow my blog about what's happening in live music back there. You can be sure that as soon as I return I will be making a return visit to Tropicale. Have a great summer!


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