Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Lounge at Club Trinidad Is Still Going Strong!

Last week at the Pat Rizzo show at Vicky's, I met and heard a wonderful singer, Beverly Jensen-Leys. A few days later, I received an email from Beverly giving me a heads up that on Sunday night, March 13 there was going to be an informal birthday party at "The Trinidad Lounge" which was open to the public.  I had heard that Trinidad was a great place to go for live music because they always have a lot of musicians and singers who go and sit in.  I arrived around 7:00 pm and the Lounge was almost filled even though the music had not yet started. The program started with Poupee Boccaccio singing.  However, after just a few songs, Poupee started calling people in the audience up to sing or play some songs.  It turned out that over the course of 2 hours, at least 20 different people came up to sing, play bass, vibs, sax, trombone, harmonica.  Every single guest performer had great musical skill. After a while, it seemed that I was the only person in the audience that was not a performer! In talking to some of the regulars, I found out that this kind of get together happens every Wednesday and Sunday at Trinidad and it has been this way for years.  This is where musicians go to hang out and sit in with other musicians.  It was such a great time and I got to hear some really gifted singers & musicans.  If you want to find out what the Desert live music scene is all about, head out to Trinidad on Wednesday or Sunday nights.  I was able to take some pictures although they did not come out as well as I had hoped because I was too far back from the stage but I do think they capture the excitement of the evening.
Beverly Jensen-Leys

Picture Wall At Trinidad

Poupee Boccaccio

Beverly & John Leys

Jeanie Stanhope

Carole Hampton

Ken Steele

Anita Gardiner

Tom McMorris


  1. Thank you, Bob for the nice write up. We hope to see you back soon. There is nothing like Trinidad anywhere I've been. Always something different & top notch.


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