Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mike Costley, A Singer's, Singer!

The first time I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Mike Costley was at Jack Jones' birthday party at The McCallum Theatre in January 2011.  Mike introduced Jack and then sang "I am a Singer" with Jack to open the show. It was immediately evident that Mike had an excellent voice, and I knew I had to see if Mike was performing in the area so I could hear him in a more intimate setting.

Following the Jones' birthday party, I asked several of the local musicians that I respect and admire what they knew about Mike Costley and without exception they all said he was a great singer. I wanted to find how "how great" so I went to see Mike perform at Torme's, a great new Jazz Club in Palm Springs.  Mike performs at Torme's every Wednesday and Thursday night starting at 7:30pm.

From the moment Mike started singing, there was no doubt that he is a skilled and exceptional singer. Over the course of the evening, Mike demonstrated that he could handle a wide range of musical styles. He sang Sinatra, Ella, Jackson, Torme, Prima, and even the Beatles.  But unlike most singers that I have heard, Mike did not try to imitate these great singers.  Mike sang in his own unique singing style. It was so refreshing to hear Mike's interpretation of these songs. Only a singer with  great musical skills, a great voice and an unusual voice range could even dream of doing what Mike is able to accomplish. Mike is not only one of the best singers in the California desert but is one the of the elite singers in the US today. If you find yourself in the Palm Springs area, and you can only see one performer, you need to hear Mike Costley, period, end of story!

One last comment, Torme's Restaurant, in addition to just great music, has great food.  In my experience, normally this type of club has great music but only average food.  Torme's is an exception!   The prices are reasonable, and there is no cover charge for the music.  There is no better deal in the desert!


  1. I knew Mike Costley 'way back when we were young kids out dancing and listening to the great sounds of Buffalo in the 60's and 70's. He was dynamite then and apparently remains so to this date. Happy to hear it! It appears that if you have the opportunity to catch this dynamo - DO IT! Damn! If I knew he was there when I was there, I would have made a stop to see him! You go, Mike! My brother played organ when Mike sang all those years ago! Damn! Those were the days! At least Mike is still doing his thing!

  2. Dear Jo Ann: Thanks for the great comments about Mike Costley. I am waiting for Mike to get back to me now with information on his winter schedule in Palm Springs, Ca. When I get his schedule, I will be posting it on the Desert Entertainment Schedule Blog you can check out.


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