Thursday, December 2, 2010

iTunes Top 10 Best Selling Beatles' Songs

Just about everyone in the world knows that iTunes was the winner in the hot contest to get the rights to sell Beatles' songs. I just read an article in Entertainment Weekly ( that reported that iTunes sold over 2,000,000 Beatles' songs and 450,000 albums in its first week of sales. It has been several decades since these songs were released and I can only say it is truly amazing that, "The Beatles' Song Book" is still so popular.  I don't consider myself an expert in Beatle music but I am interested in any current list of their most popular songs.  So I have listed below the "Top Ten Best Beatles' Songs Sold On iTunes During Their First Week".  Personally, I am in agreement with all of the selections on the list except for one, "Dear Prudence".  I would like to get some comments from anyone who thinks they know why "Dear Prudence" would be on the Top Ten list because I don't have a clue.  Also, is there any Beatle fan out there that would have guessed that "Here Comes The Sun" would be the most popular selling Beatles' song this first week of sales?  All other comments about these Top Ten Selections are welcome.

1.  "Here Comes The Sun"

2.  "Come Together"

3.   "Let It Be"

4.   "In My Life"

5.   "Blackbird"

6.   "Something"

7.   "With A Little Help From My Friends"

8.   "Yesterday"

9.   "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"

10. "Dear Prudence"

I want to mention that I did read a few blogs that thought the iTunes Beatles sales numbers were not good.  They came to this conclusion because the top selling Beatles song for the week did not come close to the sales numbers for the best selling songs on the week. I think these writers missed the point very badly.  Consider the fact that most of the millions of current Beatles fans already have all of the old Beatles albums.  And even if they didn't, considering these albums/CDs have been available for years, I believe these sales numbers are remarkable. Who bought 2,000,000 songs and 450,000 albums?  I believe the answer is the younger generation that is the heart and soul of iTunes who are just discovering the Beatles. Just the other day, I was talking to an 11 year old who had just recently become a Beatles fan and was buying their songs for his iPod.  I am sure this is what is happening all over this country. It will be interesting to see if iTunes sales of Beatles songs continues over the next year. My guess would be that they will.


  1. The two painted pictures are great...I have a very similar picture painted of John favorite.

    I am a little surprised to see the 10 top selling songs - since I am an avid Beatles fan, I of course have my own "top" list. I can see how Here Comes the Sun made number one...great song (great album). Dear Prudence is also a great song but is not that well known to people unless they are "fans". With A Little Help From My Friends is my favorite song and I'm happy to see it listed. Yesterday, Something, Let It Be are among the songs most people know...but there are so many more songs that are just as good if not better. I am glad more young people are turning on to the Beatles and enjoying the music of the "group that changed music forever".

  2. Dear Anonymous: Glad you enjoyed the paintings! I will be checking back with iTunes in a month or so to see if the top selling list has any changes. Did you see the life size display of the Beatles in the window of the Apple stores? Would make a good addition to any Beatles fan's home, don't you think. Apple marketing really should think about selling the four life size posters, I am pretty sure they would sell well!

  3. Just got an update from iTunes on Beetles song sales. Count now stands at 5 million songs and 1 million albums sold. The top selling album still "Abbey Road" and the top selling song still "Here Comes the Sun". Go Beetles!

  4. Wow, 5 million songs that is incredible. Here comes the sun was a favorite of someone very close to my heart, but my number one Beatles song is When I'm 65. I will be waiting to see it on the list of most popular songs.

  5. Hi Katmando: 5 million songs is even more incredible when you consider that most of the Beatles' fans already have these songs. I can only assume that young people are now discovering the Beatles and want their records. "When I'm 65" is also one of my favorites. Glad you are enjoying the Music Man blog!


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