Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coldplay's New Christmas Song, "Christmas Lights"

I really like some of the music being released by the group Coldplay.  So when I recently came across a story on the music blog about their new Christmas single, "Christmas Lights", I  went to iTunes to hear it. The lead singer of Coldplay is Chris Martin and he really is one of the outstanding young singers in the music industry today. I believe Coldplay has the ability to bridge the musical difference today between pop music and the "Great American Songbook".  No easy trick! "Christmas Lights" could have been a contender as a great Christmas song except for a small opening part of the lyric that talks about getting into "Another fight on Christmas night".  I think the rest of the song is wonderful. I would guess that my opinion will not be shared by the millions of Coldplay fans, but for me the group missed the chance for this song to enter my "Christmas Song Hall of Fame" because of what I think was an unnecessary part of the lyric. If anyone has an opinion on this new release, I would love to get some comments.

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