Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miles Davis, Simply The Best!

There are a lot of talented trumpet players we know and love but there is only one Miles Davis.
His projection of a song's emotions is raised to a point where the listener can almost touch, as well as, hear the lyrics coming from his trumpet. Miles Davis has always been an exceptional instrumentalist who had the musical sense to bring some of the best players in the US to his recording sessions. The results of these sessions produced some of the best sounds ever recorded. Picking just one favorite from the vast list of superb songs is almost impossible. What makes this effort a little easier for me is that I have always been drawn to the great love songs Miles Davis recorded. These songs reach their top emotional level when listened to with someone you love. The best CD I found that demonstrates this is "Miles Davis Plays For Lovers". Released in 1966 and remastered in 2003. This CD is the best of the best. My favorite song that no instrumentalist has ever done better, even to this day, is the Rodgers & Hart classic,"It Never Entered My Mind". The great piano playing on this song and many of the songs on this CD is done by Red Garland with Philly Joe Jones on drums and Paul Chambers on Bass. I would like to add that Chris Botti has done an excellent job in covering several of the Miles Davis love song classics. I recently heard Chris say that Miles Davis was one of his first musical heroes and the Miles Davis influence can clearly be felt in Chris Botti's recent work. I love the sound of Chris Botti's trumpet but, for me, Miles Davis still remains in a class of his own. One last footnote, there is a trumpet player in the California desert, Rancho Mirage to be exact that has this wonderful ability when playing his trumpet to transfer all the emotion of the music and lyric directly to the listener. I am talking about my friend, Steve Madaio. Steve has the same ability that Miles Davis has when it comes to playing a great love song. I really love two songs Steve does that our from the "20 Greatest Songs Ever Written" list, "Here's That Rainy Day" and "What's New". I have never heard any instrumentalist perform these two great songs with more skill and emotion than Steve Madaio. If you are ever in the Rancho Mirage area, you can find Steve playing at "The Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa" in the Blue Ember Restaurant. If you can get there, it will be well worth the trip. Mention either of these two songs to Steve and there is a good chance he will play them for you.

I would love some feedback about your favorite Miles Davis recordings. Also, tell me about any other trumpet players you think have reached a similar level as Miles Davis, Chris Botti and Steve Madaio.

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