Wednesday, November 24, 2010

American Music Awards: Let's Play Follow The Leader

I watched most of the "American Music Awards" last Sunday night and thought to myself, "this show could have been a documentary on why the music industry in American is declining". I think I know what's hot in today's music scene and try not to judge today's music product based on my tastes.  But was it my imagination that a lot of today's young singers all sound alike?  And look alike? And dress alike? And I am not totally sure but after a while it sounded like a lot of these singers were singing the same song. The producers of this show and others like it, have good reason to use elaborate dance routines while these young "Stars" are singing.  Could it be that they are trying to hide the fact that many of these young "Stars" have voices that are unremarkable?  Don't get me wrong, there were a few exceptional performers on the stage last night, but too few to support a pop music industry that needs help badly. By the way, does anyone know if wearing dark glasses improves one's voice? I spend a lot of time looking into the past to find the musical gems that I missed, which is a much easier task then looking for the musical gems of today. Just one man's opinion.

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