Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Linda Eder Revisited Again For The First Time!

It's been a while since I put a post up.  I'm back in NJ now but I have had lots on my "To Do" list since I got back from the desert.  Being in the desert this winter gave me time to do some research of a few older CDs that I had missed, and I thought my blog readers might be interested in some of the gems I found. At the top of the list is a CD that was recorded by Linda Eder and released in January of 2008, "Greatest Hits".  If you love great singing and great Broadway standards you must, and I mean must hear this CD.  Linda's interpretations of some outstanding show-stopper Broadway tunes is nothing less than sensational!  In particular, I just can't stop listening to these four songs:

1. I Am What I Am, from La Cage Aux Follies

2. Someone Like You, from Jekyll & Hyde

3. What Kind Of Fool Am I?, from Stop The World

4. Over The Rainbow

Even if you heard these outstanding performances a while ago, they have lost nothing with age.  They are great performances by an outstanding artist.  Linda performs all over the country, and when she gets in your neighborhood, don't miss a chance to see her in person.


  1. Hi Music Man! My apologizes for taking some time to get back to you about Epernay. Things have been busy as usual. We actually ended up going to Epernay this past Saturday because we couldn't get in the Saturday before. We arrived around 8:00 and all tables were full. So we ended up going on the 8th at 7:00. Dinner was wonderful - I had the scallops and my wife had the chicken. For desert we had the rice pudding. Everything was great...along with the service. Atmosphere was very nice and your paintings looked great. It was a wonderful dinner - congrats on having this place and hope it brings you success.

  2. Thank you, Blueschic! I was wondering if you ever got to Epernay and I am glad you had a good time. We are working on a project to bring in live entertainment on Tues or Wed evenings, sort of a "supper club" feel with couples able to get up an dance if they want to. I will let you know if we can pull it off.


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