Monday, April 5, 2010

The "Other" Toni Curtis

 This Toni Curtis is not the movie star most of us remember.  This is the woman named Toni Curtis that shows up at the Desert Sage Restaurant many nights and sings a few songs with Johnny Meza.  Toni loves to sing and even though she has never had any professional instruction, she really does quite well. She sings because she has a love for good melodies and good lyrics and is a great supporter of the "Great American Song Book".   She has a great stage presence and infectious personality.  Keep singing, Toni, "The best is yet to come".
Try to catch her act, she sings whenever she wants to when Johnny Meza is at the keyboard at the Desert Sage Restaurant in LaQuinta.


  1. Epernay!!!?????? How funny is this.....we live in Essex Fells and have for the last twenty years. My wife loves shopping on Church Street although many things have changed over the years. We have eaten at Epernay several times and have loved the food. Next time I will pay close attention to the paintings. What a small world. And please let me know if you do change your mind about the palm trees. Again...another wonderful painting!

  2. Thanks, blueschic for the nice comments about my paintings. It is funny about Epernay and I encourage you to have dinner there and be sure to ask for Franco. He will take great care of you. The paintings on the walls were painted a few years ago, but some of them are interesting. If you get to Epernay, let me know about how you made out. I have left the California desert and am now back in New Jersey so maybe our paths will cross someday at Epernay.


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