Monday, March 1, 2010

Sinatra And The Big Band Sound Are Back

This past Friday night I was able to attend the Frank Sinatra, Jr. concert at The McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, California. Over the past few months I had heard several recent songs recorded by Frank, Jr., and I was, quite frankly, surprised by how good he sounded. It's been years since I first heard Frank, Jr. and never thought he had more than an average voice. As a result, I had not been too interested in following his career. Probably a mistake on my part, since over the past years, Frank, Jr. has been quietly singing better and better. I wanted to see him in person to confirm my recent observations about his singing.

The concert started with what I counted as a 32 piece band playing several Sinatra signature melodies, and it was wonderful. Hearing a live 32 piece swing band again was quite the treat. I believe that if the entire concert consisted of just the band, I would have had no complaints; the sound was that good.

When Frank, Jr. came on, he sang the first three or four songs before he addressed the audience. He then took us through the music of his famous father and sang songs that marked each decade. His performance and team-work with the band was excellent. It seems to me that just like his father, Frank, Jr.'s voice has gotten deeper and more mellow. I also have to give him credit for picking some of the more difficult Sinatra songs to sing. He could have taken the easy way by singing some of the more simple tunes his father had hits with, but he proved that he is a real talent in his own right. I left the concert having totally enjoyed the performance and wondering why Frank, Jr. had gotten so little spotlight by the music industry press? Maybe they had the same experience I had many years ago and never took the time to follow up on his progress. In my opinion, his singing is as good, if not better, than several other current singers on the scene today, and they get tons more credit than Frank, Jr. I hope that in the future, he can get more exposure in the industry. It would be a real loss if more people could not experience the pleasure of hearing an excellent singer, singing standards in front of a swing big band. My personal thanks to Frank, Jr. for the great performance and his efforts to get a big band on the stage again.

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