Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 10 Greatest Women Singers Of The Great American Songbook

Here are some of the prospects for this class. I would like to start this post by defending one of the women singers that I have put on the list because I would guess that many readers will disagree on this choice. The singer in question is Diana Krall. Diana Krall is one of the youngest singers on the list and probably the singer with the smallest body of work. That aside, it's my opinion that what we have with Diana is a singer that will rise to be one of the greatest American women singers by the time her career is finished. She will also be considered one of the best piano players of our times. Give it some thought!

The 19 Greatest Women Singers Of All Times (In no particular order)

1. Doris Day
2. Nancy Wilson
3. Judy Garland
4. Peggy Lee
5. Lena Horn
6. Sarah Vaughn
7. Etta James
8. Rosemary Clooney
9. Jo Stafford
10. Diana Krall
11. Dinah Washington
12. Carly Simon
13. Linda Ronstadt
14. Melissa Manchester
15. Billy Holiday
16. Barbra Streisand
17. Celine Dion
18. Ella Fitzgerald
19. Linda Eder


  1. You forgot Annie Lennox.....she was with the Eurythmics...... You may not be gamiliar with her...she was voted in the top 5 greatest women singers of all can pull her up on many websites. Doris Day???????????????? What about Aretha Franklin? I'm not really sure about Aretha making the list.... All of the women you picked, except for a few, are from the same genre.......we have to look at all the other types of music...rock, pop, country, etc.

    What do you think?

  2. Hi Regita: I have no argument about your comment about Annie Lennox being one of the greatest women singers of all times. However, the list I am posting about is the greatest women singers who cover the Great American Songbook. Annie's singing is outstanding but she does not cover this area of music. I would love to see her record her approach to some these great standards and I am also sure they would be terrific. She would be on a list the let's say the greatest women singers today considering the entire music scene. No doubt, Aretha Franklin would also be at the head of that list also.

    Many people I would guess find it hard to accept Doris Day on this list of the greatest women singers but she does belong on this list. Doris started singing long before she started acting and could have been a super star if she did nothing else but sing. Because of the tremendous success she achieved as an actor, a lot of people forget about her pure voice and recordings that still sound good today.

    I did not forget about your previous comment about the Beatles and would encourage you to start to develop a list of your top 20 greates Beatles' hits and send them to me so I could publish them in a Beatles blog. If you wanted to send me a list of the greatest singers of all times, I would love to see that also. I know The Bassman is a big fan of the Beatles also and I am sure when he sees your list he will offer his suggestions.


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