Monday, November 30, 2009

Are There Any Young Singers Covering The Great American Songbook?

The other day I ran into my old friend Bill who loves the singers and songs from the Great American Songbook. In the course of our conversation, he lamented that there are so few young singers today that are recording "Our Songs" anymore. I suggested a few names of young singers he should look at and wanted to list some of these relatively new singers in no particular order for the benefit of my other readers.
PS: Say hello to the Music Man Pup, Harley!

Harry Connick, Jr
Michael Buble'
Diana Krall
Stacey Kent
John Pizzarelli
Karrin Allyson
Madeleine Peyroux
Jane Monheit
Maude Maggart
Jessica Molaskey


  1. Trying to post a comment, this is my 3rd try.

  2. Well ... I've finally gotten in. Here's what I have to say. Your Pup Harley is GREAT. Is Harley a she or a he? And why have you put a Zorro mask on her leg? We LOVE the MusicMan Pup, and would like to see and hear more of Harley. Do you have any other dogs?

    BTW ... I presume that you are aware that Pizzarelli and Molaskey are husband and wife team. I don't think that they should be on your list, but that's only me.

  3. Hey MusicMan ...,

    LOVE your dog. We have 2 Goldens ourselves and they are the greatest. But I'm also wondering like Zelda why the Zorro mask? What's up?

    I also agree with Zelda that Pizz and Molas shouldnt' be on your list but I'm too deep into good ole' Rock and Roll to be of any value to your quest for the Great American Songbook.

    Sorry that I've been missing for awhile but have been on the west coast doing a gig ..., I'll try to be more attentive going forward. Love the blog.

  4. Hi Zelda, it's been a while. I am so glad you like the Music Man Pup. Harley is a female and she loves the "Great American Songbook" however, as soon as the wonderful music starts, she is usually sound asleep within minutes. The great sounds must relax her! The marks on Harley's leg are the result of some cancer problems she developed, however I am happy to say that she is now back 100% and has the all clear from her doctor!

    There is another Music Man Pup and you will be surprised to learn that her name is also Zelda. You will see and hear from her in the near future but I have to warn you that she is very beautiful and knows it, so she is much more of a "Diva" than Harley. I hope she does not find out that Harley had her picture on the Music Man Blog first or all hell will break lose.

    Sorry to hear you don't think Pizzarelli and Molaskey should be on the list. If you ever get a chance to see them perform, don't miss the opportunity. They really are great to see and hear in person. I did know that they were married and live right here in the Great State of New Jersey but also get to spend some time in the Palm Springs, Ca area also.

  5. Hey Bassman! Good to hear from you, I was wondering why I had not heard from you lately? Glad you love my pup, Harley. I Just send some comments on her to Zelda. Take a look as I have listed some information on Harley and her sister. You have two Goldens also. How Great! I know you are my "Rock and Roll" guy but love hearing from you. So you are on the West Coast doing a gig, how good is that! If I remember, you live in the Palm Springs area right? I will be traveling out to the desert pretty soon to spent the winter and maybe we can grab a couple of Java and talk "Rock and Roll"under the California sun!!

    Rock On!


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